About Us

Welcome to our accessory design house based in Portland, Oregon.

I love to travel and I am constantly inspired by the cities I visit and the people I meet.  My sewing machine often travels with me, allowing designs to be created when inspiration occurs.
I began my design career in the menswear and bridal industries.  I discovered a niche for my handbags designs about 10 years ago. I love that accessories can change and update a look so easily. I am passionate about business and fashion and feel fortunate that I get to combine and explore both in my work.
I was born in Philadelphia and have lived on the east coast, Hawaii and Portland. Our business is now based full time in Portland, Oregon.
As a student I studied fashion in Paris, France. The Parisian couture sensibility has stayed with me throughout my career and influences my design process.
I believe in giving back to my community, and am actively involved in programs to encourage teenagers to pursue their life goals.
I hope to continue building a successful sustainable company that provides high quality environmentally friendly accessories for men and women, becoming a mainstay in global fashion.

Thank you for stopping by.

xo, Denise Tjarks